Herou desu.
You probably have absolutely no fucking idea who I am, but that's good, because I don't know who you are either.
But maybe you can still do me a favor.~

So I was walking to Starbucks today with my friend Charlotte, and I suddenly thought to myself,
"I should like to have a stalker."
Why did that suddenly occur to me? I have no idea.

But it did make a lot of sense to me.

1. Whenever someone says, "Oh, this guy is stalking me, etc. etc." I always feel a little jealous. Why can't somebody care enough to follow me?
2. It would be rather interesting eluding them.
3. Just to say, "Hello to my stalker" and really mean it.

Having a stalker would be sexy.
So, would you be my stalker?~
(Yes, I'm actually dead serious. Haha. Dead. Halloween. Cough.)

Stalker Requirements:

1) You can't be somebody I know in real life. That just wouldn't make sense. So, even if we've spoken before, you have to be somebody that I know either strictly online or have only met once. (Or, if you're a good friend of mine and extra sneaky, you could try making up a fake identity for yourself.~)
2) I don't care what age or gender you are. 12-year-old girl, 50-year-old man, whatever. I honestly don't give a fuck. Just shitting stalk me.
3) You can't do it for a bad purpose. This includes financial business, rape, kidnapping, murder, vandalism, or any harm that you would do to me or my friends. You really would just be following me for purely entertainment reasons.
4) Eventually you will have to come forward and say, "I am the one stalking you." But only do that when I ask you in complete seriousness, alright?~ 

Thank you very very much.
Much love to my roses~

Ja matte ne~

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So, I just saw T H I S , claimed theGazettE!sex, and decided to make a crew of my own.~
[Idea is totally stolen from above link. 'Cept mine's a little more jrock-y.]


The jrock!KINKERS ~!
[Banner feat. Mao and Mizuki from Sadie; I'm pretty sure it's cosplay, but you never know~]

the kinker list:

xx_duckass [Ducky-puu] - Reita's noseband | roleplay flexible.
                                                          - Peggy Giggles' giggle | roleplay flexible

xx_choirofpains  [Pandah-hime] - Teru's hair | roleplay flexibility variable.
                                                        - roses | roleplay flexibility variable

to apply:

1. Username [Nickname]
2. Your kink/fetish [an inatimate object - no people claimed here :c  + only 2 fetishes per person~]
3. Favorite jrocker to roleplay |D ['Cause I'm thinking of also having this be a roleplay group thing.]

Ja matte ne~




Hai, konbanwa~

Watashi wa onamae wa Eeyore desu~.
In English, that means my name is Eeyore. :D
Hajimemashite~.  [Nice to meet you.]
The Eeyore loves Reita, Ruki, Reituki, UruhaxReita, and AoixKai.

Eeyore's motto:
"Yaoi? Oh, it's simple. Boys with boys, boys on boys, and boys in boys. :D"

xx.Five Fast Facts!~
ichi. The Eeyore is a j-rocker.
ni. The Eeyore is a super fan of the GazettE, and especially Reita.
san. The Eeyore loves to roleplay and write/read fanfics.
shi. The Eeyore is teaching herself Japanese~~
go. The Eeyore likes to make j-rock friends, so if you're interested, add her. :D

The Eeyore's favorite tGE songs~

ii. Filth in the Beauty
iii. Guren
iv. Cassis
v. Anti-Pop
vi. Moon
vii. No. [666]
viii. Doro Darake no Seishun
x. Ruder
xi. Back Drop Junkie [Nancy]
xii. Reila

But the Eeyore enjoys all tGEsongs. <3

Eeyore on .LIFE.

x. The Eeyore is a teenager and going into tenth grade.
x. The Eeyore hates living where she lives. D:
x. The Eeyore would like one day to live in an apartment in Harajuku prefecture, Tokyo, Japan, with Hannah-desu~.
x. The Eeyore would like a new cell phone really soon. ;;
x. The Eeyore is an aspiring writer/bassist/Morning Musume. :D
x. The Eeyore hates filling these sorts of things out. :D

Eeyore on .LOVE.

x. Eeyore is deeply in love with j-rock and several hundred j-rockers. <3
x. The Eeyore is bisexual.
x. Eeyore's true love is called Hannah-desu.

If you wish, I would become a rose~

[22.Hachigatsu.2008. ; 11.Juugatsu.2008.]

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